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Dont buy the Sun.
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Thursday, 22 March 2007

Quarterly Report

The photo album is a snapshot of some of the stuff that's happened since we arrived here. I won't make this post overlong, so just a quick update on what we're up to and where we are during the year. I've included details I know of some of you guys. Please feel free to post your schedule - maybe a few people's locations will overlap and can hook-up.

Nel: Gave first talk in Liverpool yesterday, went very well. She's off to Edinburgh in July for a conference and off top Italy in late August for ECVP conference, then over to Canada, also in August. In the meantime, she might be going to NOva Scotia to work on our house, but given her work schedule, maybe not.

Martin: Cycle ride Round Cheshire (May 5 - 7th). Nova Scotia early July to fix up house and sell. I'll be in London, Ontario sometime this year, but do'nt know when, for my court case.

Joanie: Marathon in Scotland in August/ September - Joanie maybe can post the correct dates as I'm hoping to hook up with her.

Carl and Tracy : Idaho in July.

Margaret, Sal, Jane and sundry other Large's: Brittany in July.

Various England March 2007

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