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Dont buy the Sun.
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Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Publish and be damned.....

For those interested, a post "A Very British Train Journey" has been published on the 'This is 'Ull' website. Actually, This is 'Ull is a pretty good snapshot of Hull - I love reading the classified ad's, the bands looking for bass players and the jobs and opportunities. The This is 'Ull team have also added some images which are pretty cool.

It's terrifying to be "public". The post now looks naive and amateurish, and I've been stricken with an immediate and severe case of writer's block, and deep regret that I decided to get re-involved in publicly exposing myself. The paranoia gets deeper - I'm meeting my friend Diane at the weekend, who is a proper writer, professional and everything. I begin hatching plans to make sure this does'nt come up in conversation.

Still, it's too late, because This is 'Ull also have plans to release the Jobcentre Plus Series.

The page address is;

I'll link to these publications later, when the panic sudsides.


Grasshopper said...

Cool!! Congratulations, Martin! I hope that your "public" enjoys reading your block as much as your friends have. Get over your writer's block soon - your blog is the highlight of my day!

JoeyMac said...

Very cool. So your next blog will be on your history of exposing yourself in public? :)