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Dont buy the Sun.
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Monday, 28 April 2008

...The Airstream Trailer..

I finally finished the Airstream trailer. I took this project on because it was a massive challenge - to strip out, design and install a US Airstream trailer in 19 days, completely rewiring it, building all custom cabinets, installing a new floor and fitting it out with about £25,000 of consumer electronics. The trailer is completely wi-fi equipped and features two massive televisions, X-Boxes, a digital projector, iBooks, Iphoto frames, about 16 laptops, stereo amplifiers, a complete surround sound system and all kinds of other useless paraphenalia. The project also interested me because it was well-nigh impossible and I have to admit that vanity played a huge part in doing it - it was a kind of last Hurrah in making wierd stuff full time, as UNiversity in September beckons.

Airstream trailer

I did'nt make all the stuff myself, of course, a team is involved in all of this, but it IS my blog, so Carra, Andy, Andy, Richard, Elliot, Smithy, Paul, Josh and LUke shall all remain nameless, even though I suppose they did help a bit.

Now that's over normal service shall be shortly resumed.....


Grasshopper said...

Wow! What a crazy amount of work. The transformation is incredible. I know it's ridiculously hard work and even more ridiculously long hours. But it must be very satisfying.

MJN said...

It was very satisfying, which is why Luke and I did it. I will miss doing things like this in future.