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Dont buy the Sun.
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Monday, 21 September 2009

The War of the Blogs

As you may be aware, once this author has a bee in his bonnet, it tends to stay there. Or would do if honey bees were not disappearing faster than you can say pesticide.

It all started when I stumbled upon a blog when I was researching some work done on climate change by Dr Latif. Dr latif was proposing a suspension in overall global warming for about a decade indicated by ocean temperature measurements in the Northern Atlantic. I had heard of Dr LAtif's work via BBC radio, who ran a couple of features on his work. An entry commenting on Dr Latif's work was mentioned in my Google search so I clicked on the link, eager for illumination, expecting perhaps an informed medium level explanation of the work. The link however disappointed, citing Latif as evidence that Climate Change was not occuring, and challenged the BBC (from whom I had heard of Latif) to publicise his "heresy".

On a whim, I posted a comment on the blog, correcting the error, and thus unwittingly, this years YWNA Campaign Respecting Accuracy (in) Posting (CRAP 2009) has been launched.

The exchange that started it all can be found here:

The idea behind CRAP 2009 is to work slowly down the list of blogs that Not a Sheep is linked to and engage them in debate, on their own turf, challenging inaccuracies, prejudice and nonsense at every turn. This campaign will be pressed with a steely determination, ruthlessness, fortitude and tenacity until either

a). every single blog on the entire world wide web that posts nonsense has either reformed or given up.


b). I get bored.

Those with long memories may recall my campaign to reform the rail systems of the UK. The success of that campaign was liteally unmeasurable, and I expect a similar result for Crap 2009. Watch this space.

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