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Saturday, 10 October 2009

Halloween Two - A Movie Review

Halloween Two - A Movie Review.


We only went to see it because myself, RHB, Will and Skarra wanted to go th HUll Fair, but the driving rain made the idea untenable. Also untenable these days is sitting in the pub for hours and hours - as may have been mentioned on this blog before, pubs just aint what they used to be, sitting round in an overpriced, trendy bar is unappealing and the nearby 'locals' are usually empty, apart from when a football match is shown. So we went the only show that we had time to go and see - Halloween. After an hour, I left, follwed by RHB. At a loose end we went and sat in the overpriced, trendy bar of the movie house. We were travelling with Will and Skarra, but they mystriously decided to see the thing through to the bitter end.

The movie attached is better, even though it has no plot, the cinematography is awful and the characters one-dimensional.

The black cat is Dizzy, a very friendly little local cat who just wants to play, and one of the last cats in the neighbourhood who visits Large Mansions on a regular basis. I would like to say, in a MAn The Hunter type way, that this is because my cat, Tosh, is so fierce and warlike that through his fearless aggressiveness he has bravely driven every other cat away. In fact, I think the other cats eschew our environs because Tosh's whining is so irritating.

If you are at all interested in cat behaviour, you'll also realize, that being domesticated so heavily, the cats have their signals all screwed up. Tosh, for example is in classic defences posture - lower than Dizzy and ready to be pounced on. This is despite that in this encounter, he was, as usual, the aggressor. Dizzzy on the other hand is displaying absolutely no signs at all that he's involved in a potentially dangerous situation.

It's only the next video, during which almost NOTHING at all happens that Dizzy acts like a cat that has been in an encounter, and the reason almost nothing happens is that he slinks away, moving VERY slowly.

The final video piece, though is interesting - at least to us. Tosh kept stalking Dizzy, and I followed him with my camera. I should add here that when I can, I break these fights up before they get physical. Someone once told me off for interfering in the 'natural' behaviour' of the cats, but looking at Tosh on his cat tree, playing with his squeaky mouse, I dont think think that 'natural' quite applies. If he has an excess of aggression he usually takes it out on his teddy bear, grasping it found the neck and raking its stomach with is back claws.

I followed Tosh down the wall to the rear of the garden where last weekend we had cut down, with our great neighbour Keeno, a massive jasmine that overhung his shed. As I started filming I noticed that revealed by this pruning is a face in the concrete, sculpted only knows when. It's pretty cool.


JoeyMac said...

nono, tell us what you really think. :) Anna and I went to see the first one because we're fans of Rob Zombie (the director). Obviously the guy can sing better than he can direct. Thanks for the heads up.

MJN said...

Actually, I too am a fan of Rob Zombie, and so should perhaps expand on my review, in the interests of fairness, so here goes:

Halloween Two - A Movie Review:

Very crap. Like really.