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Dont buy the Sun.
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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Happy Christmas

At Large Mansions, emotions are running high:

"I'm so angry at you I could faint" says Sal, before slumping down into one of our Canadian acquired swivel chairs, like a rag doll returning to a state of inanimatedivity at the stroke of midnight.

It is however,much later, it is four am, and we have consumed several of the bottles of champagne that we thought we had overbought. Ridiculously (at about two am) someone notes that we shoud make plans to purchase more the next day as we are "close to running out". At two am, this observation is calmly nodded assent by all as if it is a perfectly sensible proposal.

The cause of Sal's anger is, I believe, an optimism expressed by Will and myself, and furthermore, I think that the subject over which we were expressing same was politics. Unfortunately, and in a circular vein, I cannot verify this because, de facto, we were all talking utter rubbish. This at least is fact, but should not be a cause for the immediate approbation of any one individual, because indubitably, most human conversations are utter rubbish. It's only the punchlines that matter. Hence, over the next few days, someone only has to tell another that they are 'getting so angry they are going to faint' and hilarity ensues. Another meme has been born.

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