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Dont buy the Sun.
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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

One for the road

I exited my class today, exhausted, as usual, and elated, as usual........................................hang on, hang on..........didnt you say no more posts till after the exam? Well, yes I did, actually, but I've just finished demolishing determinism (aagian) , eviscerating Douglass C North's rather silly (admittedly later retracted) views on property rights in the Neolithic and kicked sveral cats on hearing the news that the Labour Party has finally found its moral compass. I felt the need for some down time - hence a very quick post. More on the Labour Party later, but first, back to my story.

I had just left class when I noticed, behind a wall, a flash of colour. Investigating further, the vivid images painte on the wall extended far behind a local store, down an alleyway. I followed the alleyway and discovered, entirely forgotten a whole series of graffitti walls, presumably from the 80's or 90's because since the invention of Gameboy and thos ekind of things, streetart in the UK has become a thing of the past. Anyway, I thought it was a great place as did the couple of smackheads and the old wino who were the only souls in sight.

Unfortunately, my total ineptitude in being to be what I really want to be - a great documentary photographer - continues, so when I suggested to the drunks and the druggies that they should slouch nonchalantly against the wall, so I could photograph them, haunted eyes reflecting the bleak reality of urban England, they declined. I therefore tried the Henri Cartier Bresson technique to capture a few candid shots - which would have equally bleakly illustrated urban decay and doubtless won me a Pulitzer but all I got form those shots was the back of a few heads and one rather prominent ear.

Anyhow, despite this, the photo album is here:

Oh, Yeah, and Labour finally finding their moral compass. At completely the wrong time. THey havent made a moral, principalled decision for 13 years while in power, and today, just as it looked as if it would be possible that an aliiance could be forged with the LIberal party (with whom they share many values these days and an alliance that might at least have resulted in electoral reform in this country) , they decided that such an aliance was against their principles. If this was not so funny I would cry.

And in sticking to their principles they have condemned the country to massive, massive spending cuts under a Conservative government. Absolute bloody tragedy.

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