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Dont buy the Sun.
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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

ANother lAzy post

Lazy post but this , if true is ace.....

I think our Russian expert should inform if this is hoax or not???

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JoeyMac said...

posted by Anna ::
Hey, of course it is true. How is it more dangerous than drinking counterfeit vodka, and there are millions of people doing just that? Check out guys who jump into snow drifts from the 5th floor in Magadan.
Besides, "homemade bungee" might mean a slightly different thing in Russia. In Soviet Union, there was little supply for consumer goods - including tourist equipment. As a result, there are generations of home-grown experts who can tinker out some pretty sophisticated stuff in their sheds. People climb Everest with equipment made by themselves and their friends. I know guys who are avid white water rafters. They make their rafts themselves, and test them (so far successfully) over the most complex rapids. Not some kids, 50 year olds.
As to why - you can see the landscape in the video itself. 6 months of winter, no affordable entertainment, little entertainment that is even worth the money, and no prospects of social mobility, will make you do crazy things. Plus if there is such a thing as not-so-recent cultural history of the sacred in Russia, it would certainly include Madness (there is a recent book on that). Not so different from Scots, as I understand ;-)
Interesting thing in the comments - "why do they make a girl do that?" hehe. They are sensible people - the girl is lighter ;-)Besides, getting a girl excited has certain benefits!