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Dont buy the Sun.
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Friday, 10 August 2012

The Ride of Hope III

This year, the Ride of Hope was endangered, mostly through bad planning, inattention, sloth and laziness. But both principle riders, as we sat in the pub early one Monday morning, decided that it was time to act. We have therefore mapped out a possible venue where we can bring our message of Hope - namely Scotland. And this year, we have determined that we will not go off message (as we did last year) by forgetting to articulate, in advance, exactly what our message is. Admittedly, we have not yet agreed between ourselves what Hope is, or does, or how we carry it (Skarra suggested small pieces of cake) but I have appointed Skarra as Ride of Hope Organiser and Brand Identity Manager, whose job is to flesh out the detail of these things. My job is Thought Leader, which I have found taxing becuase I am currently (for health reasons) on a 'thought restricted' diet and am limiting myself to five thoughts per day. If during the course of a day I think "get up" then later  "eat" (x3),  I find that by evening I only have one thought left to think out of my daily allowance. This causes a problem because often I want to think "drink" but obviously I need to think "sleep" as science has proved long periods without sleep is delerious to health.


creeler said...

It has also been scientifically proven that long periods of sleep deleriosidotious plays Old Harry with the spelling

MJN said...

Apologies and well spotted Creeler. I meanted something else.