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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Diaspora : New Years Holday Pt 1

07.12.2012: Outward bound: Hull to Glossop , two souls, by car,  (RHB & MAzzer)
19.12.2012: Outward bound: Hull to London, two souls, by rail. Return delayed by railway failures. Currently in dispute with rail companies (all of them). Mazzer and RHB.
22.12.2012: Inward bound: Bristol to Mansfield, two souls by train. W and Sal.
25.12.2012: Inward bound: Shrewsbury to Weston Rhyn, two souls by car. 'Than and Suzi.
27.12.2012: Inward bound: Two souls to Doncaster: W and Sal. 
28.12.2012: Outward bound: Hull to Doncaster, two souls by car. Journey continues with additional two souls added at Doncaster. Then Doncaster to Glossop.
28.12.2012: Inward bound : Glossop to Hull via Sheffield; Four souls
29.12.2012: Inward bound: Shrewsbury to Hull : Two souls
31.12.2012 : Inward bound Barcelona, Spain. A brand new Soul (see Celine and Chris)
02.01.2013: Outward bound: All souls disperse, leaving Hull, as usual, bereft.

Of course that log of journeys given above is inaccurate, to the best of my knowledge. It is also incomplete in that within the Brownian motion described above, there were constantly other journeys taking place - a trip to Bridlington for a walk, a visit to the bathroom, moving en masse from one room to another to watch a movie, a madcap party at a friends. And more journeys were planned even as people sat motionless, poisoned by alcohol and blood sick for the movement to stop "Oh, We must come and visit you", "What about a family holiday?" "That Marxist conference in April sound brilliant".

AT this annual seasonal gathering, human nature was widely discussed : encouragingly  human nature is being increasingly discussed in society as a whole  as far as I can tell.  My own conclusion  about human nature is  that while I can see, to an extent, that the idea that there  is a 'human nature' is an attractive and 'intuitive' concept if you dont bother actually thinking for more than five minutes about it, ultimately, it is,  like 'souls', a deeply stupid idea. However, that refers to current 'notions' about on human nature  -  that rationalistic pondering of each situation presented to us is somehow innate (while at the same time trying to argue that we are 'different' intrinsically from animals). If the original idiots that dared even coin the phrase 'human nature' (it should be banned) had thought for even one second - or had access to recent  mitocondrial DNA research - they might have attempted to describe universalities among humans slightly differently. That is to say, the closest thing there is to human nature, when actual human activity is considered and the extraordinary energy we have historically expended in moving  -  might be the desire to travel. Even if its only Glossop to Hull. 

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