Dont buy the Sun.

Dont buy the Sun.
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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Strictly for the Boirds

At the moment there are two inevitabilities in my life - transcription and cats. Everything else is change and chaos - weather, friends, the city and country we live in, the texture of greying hair, the loyalties in  Game of Thrones, even our street. The change in our street is the type of change that is welcomed and is embodied in a public art project I have  been involved in for the past year called the Street of Birds and Shadows and was featured in a recent local newpaper story  I was, however,  reluctant to appear in the story for a number of  reasons related to both the changinging and inevitable circumstances I described above in that I knew the weather would be rubbish (UK and climate change is a bad combination), it would interrupt my transcription,  and a photo of my greying hair at the moment is a bad idea as I have not had the necessary, and dramatically sensuous, turkish head shave I usually have every month, and thus look a little 'wispy' in the bonce region. Finally, I really dont  want publicity in a country where  aggressive  right wing thuggery is gaining ground and I am actively and vocal in my opposition to those thugs/fascists because I dont want my personal politics and a art poject involving our feathered friends mixed up by said right wings thugs (who arent very bright) and same thugs consequently attacking a piebald wren welded to a metal bollard in a misguided attack on leftists.

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