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Dont buy the Sun.
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Tuesday, 5 June 2007


One of the interesting aspects of moving back to the UK is getting to grips with the funny, sometimes annoying differences, between here and Canada. You are all pretty familiar with Martin's rants on the North American spelling of aluminum (US) as opposed to aluminium ( underlined in this editor as incorrect spelling, dear God, don't tell Martin). Anyway its time for the Canucks to get their own back. I give you the word 'bespoke' - anyone ever used that word for any reason whatsoever? I'm guessing not. Well here in the UK, bespoke is currently the fashionable word. It is used repetitively, and reverentially on design programs (architectural and interior). It basically means, I've got something none of you poor b***ds can afford (ie customized, exclusive). It looks like its now entered the main stream because today I got some internal mail from the Learning and Development Center at Hull Uni. It advised me that they had the expertise to create 'bespoke development plans'. AAARGGHHHH.

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MJN said...

Nel obviously has issues around the phrase "bespoke". I suggest an interactive proactive response is required, to help to move towards her achieving closure.
Immediately and urgently, a committee should quorate to review the current situation. A report can be forwarded to a Steering Group who should consult Stakeholders, reporting back on no less than a Quarterly Basis.
Once the situation has been reviewed thoroughly, probably in early 2009, we will be able to formulate recommedations that will form the basis for urgent action. These recommendations should be tailored exactly to address, ipso facto and per se, Nel's complaint. In other words they should be......oh no... bespoke.