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Dont buy the Sun.
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Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Quarterly Report (Continued)

Continuing the Quarterly Report, interrupted by the strange UK weather patterns, the subject of what we do in order to purchase cat treats follows.



Nel might want to add to this, but she's busy so I'll summarize for her, from my perspective. As a lot of you are scientists, you'll be aware that it does take a little while to secure proper laboratory space, but after some wrangling, Nel found the perfect mountaintop, complete with a castle, and essentially of course, fairly regular lightning, and is well settled in.

Nel is loving her job, and experiments and conferences (Edinburgh, Italy) are planned for the summer. She is also visiting London, ON in late summer for some collaboration work with Tutis. I do'nt actually know how the day to day work is going as I have effectively been de-looped from Nel's face recognition work ever since I volunteered to help her out in a face recognition task and did so badly that she had to use a sundial to measure my reaction times.

Nel might post on this later, but she's pretty busy doing scientific things and has just popped out to buy some test-tubes.


After a period of "worklessness" (See posts labelled Jobcentre Plus), I embarked on an audacious campaign to become Hull's Leading Freelance Scenic Carpenter (see Work posts). I plied my trade in Scarborough, before expanding my empire to Leeds. And there my career as a Freelancer has ended, because a few days into a gig at Logik, I was offered a full time position by same. After some wrangling, the deal was struck, and I'm now back at what I suppose I've done for most of my working life. Which is best described as "Making Wierd Things". Logical make trade shows, exhibits, events and such like. The work is fun, challenging and the workshop is clean, well-organised and well maintained. The only down side is a daily commute to Leeds, a journey that is enlivened by my war of attrition against Transpennine Express (particularly the 720 Class Turbo Booster) and my continued investigations into all things archaeological,as I get at least a full two hours per day of reading.


Very little activity here, apart from occasional weekend trips with Mike and Christine who live across the Hall, and are great people. Welcome family visits, of course, as well, and we're off to a wedding tomorrow evening but mainly having an awful lot of "stuff" left to do in Canada, and the finding of work have dominated proceedings.

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