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Dont buy the Sun.
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Monday, 14 January 2008

Jet pack

I made two items recently for work which were lots of fun. Based on children's drawings of possible future uses for water, I made a jet pack and a water recycling device. The Education Secretary of England visited the exhibit and saw the kids using their devices. Link to the news story is :

My photos of the items in the workshop are to follow later tonight.

The project was lots of fun, especially because working directly from the kids drawings (ie no plans) meant I had total freedom to interpret. I'll post the kid original drawings tomorrow, but the best thing was that I got the jetpack to "work" ie it actually sprayed "steam" when the kid depressed a lever and the water recycling thing actually had water, including Ice, flowing without hook-up to the mains.
Jetpack and water recycler

here's a link showing the original kids drawings I worked from , the jetpack and the triple taps are in there :


JoeyMac said...

Very cool. Seeing you in that backpack, I've been humming a tune that's a combination of underdog, rocket robin hood and the theme from moonraker. :)

MJN said...

The tunje I was humming was Hawaii 50. Yeah, because of my endless complaining over the last year< I decided to present the positive sides of living in England this year. In truth, despite some Halitosis infected colleagues spewing racist filth at (and around me), I actually enjoy my job immesnsely. So this next year, expect all blogs to be perky, cheerful and optimistic.I promise only to complain if :
a) I have any dealings with bureacrats
b) the train is late
c) the weather remains crap
d) anyone calls me a Scouser
e) workers who work on our house renos fail to perform
f) our Canadian lawyers screw up one more time
g) LIverpool continue to be plagued by bad board room decisions
h) English commuters so much as "tut" one more time at the Crosstowner
i) downtown Hull continues to resemble a war zone on a Friday night
j) the "celebrity" culture gets even more ridiculous
k) cardigans continue to be in vogue
l) I see one more badly photocopied piece of paper
m) even one more archaeologist invents one more stupid unit of standard measurement for Stone Age peoples. The current definition of stupidity is held by an archaeologist who claims that the standard unit of measurement used by the builders of Stonehenge was 13.1 metres. Bastard.