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Dont buy the Sun.
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Wednesday, 2 January 2008

You'll never commute alone...

Check out the link to this blog:

and this one :

I detect a pattern, indeed I had to look carefully at the opening photo on the commutertrain blog to make sure I did'nt have a case for copyright infringement. These blogs cover other areas of the country, and hopefully indicate how unoriginal my Transpennine Blogs are. I say hopefully, because it proves I'm not just a "moaning minnie", but am also disappointed . What oversees readers should understand is that this country not only originated the first rail fatality, but also invented commuter trains, and they are as essential to the countries economics as the 400 series of highways are to Canada, or the Interstate's are to the USA.


MJN said...

A second look at he commutertrain blogspot scares me. This person also has a bike - The Brompton, of which he is excessively proud. I need to meet what is obviously my long lost twin.

JoeyMac said...

Have you considered starting a 'we're running for parliament because the trains suck' party for the next election? sounds like you have your first three members