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Dont buy the Sun.
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Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Spurn Head

Tricky(nickname - real name Richard my "little" brother), Amanda and Ollie visited us last weekend. We went to Spurn Head, an interesting place historically. This is where Spurn Head is ( see image above).

Spurn Head is interesting historically, and we had a pleasant walk, especially Ollie, who was brilliant, because it was a long walk for a four year old. The wind from the North Sea is constant and cold, and the beaches themselves are covered with the rubble of 2000 years of useage - remains of gun emplacements from WW2, an active lifeboat station, beer bottles, driftwood, and underneath all that middens (neolithic land fills) from when Ancient Brits used to hunt and gather here - shellfish and seals.

Spurn Head

Rest of this week has been quite quiet, but I cannot refrain from mentioning the Mighty Reds - Liverpool Football Club at least once in this blog. Now owned by the owners of the Montreal Canadiens, Liverpool last night beat PSV Eindhoven to more or less (apart from the formality of the second leg next week) breeze into the semi-finals of the European Cup Champions League. Winning the Champions League in 2005, and now a place in the final four of Europe's best clubs, Liverpool's sad demise continues. I'll probably be in Liverpool next week for a job interview - unfortunately, tickets are as rare as rocking horse poo.

Dinner with our neighbours tonight, MIke and Christine - good people and hopefully we're going to get together with them once a week for dinner.


Grasshopper said...

Martin - thanks for the continuing posts and pictures. I've been following with delight and rapt attention!


MJN said...

Thanks Tracy.I know you are dead busy, so I really appreciate the feedback. Feel free to post away yourself - although I know that you guys are dead busy and have your own website - which I visit fairly regularly, and the outdoor pictures always are the best ones to see.