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Dont buy the Sun.
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Sunday, 15 April 2007

Witches familiars (News)

Meet Calli, the smaller of our two cats. Looks very cute, true enough, but Calli has another side - in other words, she can be a monster. On Thursday, the night before an incredibly important interview, and for which I was busily preparing, she escaped out the window, saw a dog and climbed a tree. I have recreated the scene in this badly Photoshopped rendering . Incidentally the branch I've placed her on is the branch she was actually on, and my height estimates are pretty accurate, I measured afterwards.

Of course the little ********** did get down safely - well hpart way at least. After two and a half hours, she'd had enough and started mewling, and desperately climbed down from about thirty five feet to about twenty, slipping and clawing all the way. We then had to get a ladder, climb to her new position, grab her by the neck and escort her home.


Grasshopper said...

This is why bunnies are such a treat - the only place they've ever been stuck is in a 1-inch space underneath the kitchen stove...

MJN said...

At this moment in time, I would prefer a cat that acted like a bunny, or a bunny that looked like a cat, only with a a monkey's intelligence, and a dog "man's best friend" attitude.