Dont buy the Sun.

Dont buy the Sun.
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Wednesday, 16 May 2007

At last

I know its about time I posted some news. Part of the problem is that I'm not sure my daily routine in anyway qualifies as news (ie get up, go to work, come home, hang out or do more work, go to bed and so forth). Not alot happens, but I am happy, and I do like my new job.
I did go to Liverpool in March to give a presentation. I think it went well, but not outstanding. Good practice for giving talks and of course it all adds to the CV (a necessary evil - used to be for jobs, now its for getting grants).
I've submitted my first grant proposal, which has broken the ice, so to speak, and I feel a lot more confident about applying for more. The granting system is different here. The idea is that you apply for as many grants (large or small) as you can and eventually someone will say - hey here you go, have some dosh. Kind of like throwing mud at a wall and hoping some will stick. Fortunately, you get brownie points just for applying.
Right now I am marking. To be more accurate, I am avoiding marking. I think students should mark each others work - then they would realize how onerous the task is, and perhaps this would encourage them to write clearly and in an organized fashion. The land of wishful thinking. I shouldn't complain really. The sum total of my teaching duties this term has been to act as a teaching assistant for 16 hours total, mark 50 posters and 45 lab reports. The summer shall be devoted to conferences and research (a visit to the University of Western Ontario is planned). Hopefully, Martin and I will both be able to get over to Nova Scotia to fix up the house prior to selling it as well. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Thanks everyone for making your contributions - I have made time to read them - just not time to reply.
Right now I wish I could organize a BBQ in our old backyard and invite you all. It would be lovely. I miss you all

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JoeyMac said...

Make sure you call if you make it to Ontario. We may have a house in the near future for road weary guests. :)