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Dont buy the Sun.
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Friday, 4 May 2007

Checking in...

Hey Guys,

Sorry we've been so absent from these pages. Life has been ridiculously busy and we seemed incapable of slowing down the pace for a while. I think we may have it under a bit more control now...I hope.

Martin, your posts are wonderful. Thank you.

Nell, so glad your talk went well. Wishing you the best for upcoming trips too... Sounds like you may know a thing or two about being busy!

Don't know when I last sent an update...I'm back working at the Daily News a few days a week. I'm also filling in shifts on the copy desk...which means night work. Ack. Chris is still doing casual stints at hospital and on the ambulances. There's not much thats casual about it tho'. He works a lot. Luckily we're finally geting back to financial health and will be able to take things a little more easy.

Haven't done a blessed thing on the house. Dan (extremely conscientious next door neighbour for anyone who doesn't know of him) must just be cringing... It's that time of year when he's out at 7 in the morning, doing a walk around of the property, fixing whatnots, in and out of the shed... Sheesh. No sign of slowing down. What's left to fix, we wonder? We'll have to get our act together soon though as Jackie's talking of selling and we're thinking of moving there. Dry basement, much brighter, less walkway and drive to shovel, nicer street, etc. Don't know yet if we'll pull it off.

Glad to read you may be over in the summer. We'd be thrilled to see you.

I read somewhere as well that you were wondering about my marathon excursion to the UK. I'm flying into Glasgow on Sept. 29 and out on Oct. 15. I'll be running Loch Ness on Oct. 7 (I think we're planning to be in Inverness on Oct. 5 through to Oct. 8 or 9. It would be fantastic to see you there. I'm planning to go to London too at the end of my trip. Just a day or two though.

The kids are doing well. Lena just turned 7 and Iain's very excited about his 4th birthday coming up in a couple of weeks.

I'll try to do better at staying in touch.



MJN said...

Great to hear from you Joanie. Do'nt worry about regular posting , and thanks for your comments.

Good to get your dates for Scotland - if things go well, we'll see you twice this year - once in NS in about JUly/Aug and once in Scotland in October.

Best wishes, of course to Lena and Iain. You can assure Lena that I now know at least one colour very well - RED.

Nell said...

Hi Joanie,
I'm going to keep my fingers crossed about getting to Scotland. I would love to see you there. We haven't had chance to get up North since we've been here and Scotland is one of my favourite places.
Say hello to Lena and Iain and give Minch and Momo a pat from me.