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Dont buy the Sun.
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Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Sun 'n' Fun

Thanks, Martin, for all your posts. I'm really enjoying reading them and seeing your pictures.

I just got back from a week in Cuba with Sophie and Tara. We didn't get to see much - if anything - of the "real" Cuba, as we stayed at an all-inclusive resort populated by mostly overweight Canadians and Brits. Not so easy on the eyes, but good for the ego. And even though a resort is not my preferred style of vacationing, the chance to snooze in the sun all afternoon was very enjoyable after the craziness of the winter semester. We drank, read, slept, laughed, sunned, and swam.

The three of us went snorkeling (on the world's second-largest reef) and tandem parasailing (tethered to a powerboat until 1200 m and then released, parachuting back down again), and I went off on my own to do some scuba diving as well (saw a 2 m Eagle Ray, swam with sea turtles, and saw lots of fish on the coral reef). I've updated our on-line photo album if you want to check out any of the picts:


MJN said...

Very cool . A little change does one good occasionally, I think.

I'm off for my much awaited bike ride on Friday and have finally opted for real camping. Just me and Tricky, but it'll be really cool.

MJN said...

A full report on the confiscated souvenir has to follow.

Grasshopper said...

Actually, the story doesn't have as much drama as one might hope. It turns out that many Cuban souvenirs use a lovely little orange and black bean (whose name I forget) - in things like jewelry or as eyes on little wooden carved animals...this little bean is perfectly safe unless the hull is cracked. According to the Canadian Customs official, if the hull becomes cracked, the contents are more deadly than ricin! Not the kind of thing you want kicking around your house, really.

Nell said...

I couldn't reply immediately to this post. I was too green with envy. My perfect holiday, sun sea sand and good company. Actually I would just settle for the good company. I'm glad you had fun and a chance to unwind. One day soon.....