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Dont buy the Sun.
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Friday, 20 July 2007

Halfway to Hull

I'm in Reykjavik airport, en route back to Blighty. The o.oooo5% of the mission that remained to be accomplished was completed about 10 hours ago and all that now remains is for the house to be sold. I resolved my emotional crises about leaving Canada (again) by indulging in some great mountain bike riding and some shopping therapy.

Expectations for the house are high . It is now entirely painted in builder's beige, with some moss accents, but still fails to look bland. In fact if I was in the market for a house in Halifax, I'd buy it and paint it orange, yellow, bright green and blue. Our realtor thinks that the house has got "good bones" (?). Minchley, the polydactyl cat, thinks the house has got good treats inside and we all know that its capable of having some great barbeques, so it should not be long before we get a good price for the place.

I decided not to kidnap Grasshopper's bunny rabbit, even after a night of outrageous cuteness, during which she nibbled my toes, snuffled my nose and hippedy-hopped all over my bed in a very floppy eared manner.

Joey Mac was right after all.


Grasshopper said...
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Grasshopper said... was fun to have you back with us, Martin. We, of course, missed Nell. But we still got to laugh at her calendar entries (which, despite Martin's enormous task of making a house with "artistic flair" palatable to the brown-loving Nova Scotian, warned only of the limited time available to purchase Canadian cat treats to be imported to Britain for their ex-patriot cats). It is a good house, associated with many happy memories for all of us. I hope that whoever buys it experiences as much joy in it as we all did.