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Dont buy the Sun.
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Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Mission Accomplished

Expect photos next week, but Mission Halifax is 99.99995% accomplished, with one day to spare. The house is painted, cleaned and ready for sale. A lawyer has been appointed and realtors have gushed, particularly the one I have ended up appointing who cannot expres deeply enough, or often enough, how honoured she is to be selling our "home".

Our friends here have, as usual been magnificent, generous with their time, interesting and I in turn want to gush about how great they are. The problem is, I have been repaying this generosity by hatching a plot to kidnap both Grasshopper's bunny rabbit, Cloak, and CC's polydactyl cat, Minchley. Both animals are very cute.

In my mind, if I equip both beasts with sunglasses, it would be a snip to get them aboard Icelandair's flight to Rejkavik, as long as I bought them Saga Class (Icelandair's First Class) tickets.

I leave tomorrow evening on the 22.00 flight, and I suppose that I wont take the animals after all.

In the end, all I'll be bringing back to the UK is photographs, so expect them next week.

1 comment:

JoeyMac said...

Take only photographs and leave only pawprints. :)