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Dont buy the Sun.
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Saturday, 28 July 2007

Painting the town beige

Halifax house for sale 2007

Halifax 10 to 13 July:

Spend the first couple of nights at the home of JV, CC, Alligator and Tinhat, and of course, Minchley and Moseley their cats. Freshly made bread for breakfast, and it is a magical time - as if I saw these guys yesterday, but missed in a sort of "Oh, this is what its supposed to be like" type way. Alligator loves how colour-blind I am, (in truth, as well as our joke), and Tinhat, possibly the most fearless four year old I've met is totally intrepid. After a day getting quotes and doing some routine stuff setting up appointments, I venture over to our old house and start preparing to paint it the colour of Roger's trousers.

I open the door and lay plastic, ready for paint. After a couple of hours, I make a cup of tea, when Minch, trots over, miaows loudly as she passes me, and walks in. I follow Minch and continue to take "before" photos. Then I start to paint. It is at this point, when Minch continues to act exactly as she used to when we lived there, stretching her paw out for treats, and lies contentedly in exactly the place he used to lie when we fell in love with this place and all these people, that I start to blub. My painting looks almost as bad as the guy I hire the next day to help me, and eventually has to be redone entirely. Things are'nt going well. There's only one thing for it - beer and wings at Yer Father's Moustache.

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