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Dont buy the Sun.
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Monday, 24 September 2007

"Bikes Not Safety" Campaign - Latest News

The first day after Friday's opening salvo, I board the train and am dismayed to learn, on consulting the in-train display, that today's train will leave apparently double back on itself. Careful study of the video, and map will illustrate how the apparently planned route appears to be inefficient.

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This is the first journey since my showdown on Friday, and as the 7.33 is once again a short formation, a degree of overcrowding is evident. Joan, joining at Selby, is again without a seat. The Train Manager apologizes for the delay and confusion on the service. Joan remarks pithilt that her feet are sore.

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MJN said...

Joan should have remarked pithily, but I have doen some thing wrong with my uploads and the post cannot now be edited, including a classic denouement of the train manager apologising for the "delays and confusion" caused by todays big mess.