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Dont buy the Sun.
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Friday, 14 September 2007

Monster at large

Hi all,
We decided to head out last weekend to find a new friend for Toulouse (and us). We've all been a little mopy since we lost Peaches, so we took a trip to the animal shelter. We did a quick tour at the kittens (because, well, you have to) but then went straight for the junior cats. We decided on a cat close to Toulouse's age since we knew the kitten's would have no problem finding a home, and Toulouse may bond better with someone in his peer group (snicker.... niave... cough...). Well it didn't take us long to find a pure bundle of energy that quickly was attached to me. Literally. He was nearly stuck to my face 'ala Alien'. Home he came, was dubbed Felix (Cooper and Sputnik being close contenders and unnoficial middle names), and has been terrorizing Toulouse ever since. We've had him neutered yesterday and even the vet said he was the friendliest and most energetic cat he has ever seen (and that's saying something considering the nature of the operation).
We'll give Toulouse a few more days before calling Grasshopper for Bonding tips. :)


MJN said...

Felix - you must send a photo - it should be on Picture of the Week, as the New Cutest Cat in the World. I'm sure Felix is incredibly cute, and this will keep all the other cats(Toulouse, Calli, Tosh) as well as Cloak And Dagger on their toes.

Good move Joe.

Nell said...

I send greetings and best wishes to Felix the newest member of our cat family.