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Saturday, 24 November 2007


I've begun to organize my photographs, so here's another gallery which is the beginning of documenting an ordinary workday. I would'nt even begin claim to be an amateur photographer, it really is just a hobby and a vanity project, so by all means click on by. These albums are almost entirely for my own benefit.

If, however you want to see some professional work, I'm persuaded by the work of my friend Dave Jones, who is interested in the narrative versions of documentary photography. Dave's work can be found at :

Once there, click on Davy Jones for a sample of his portfolio.

Dave's work took some getting used to, and like all art, you either get it or you do'nt. I'm beginning to get most of Dave's work, especially his ride project, which legend has it cost him about £20,000 and a marriage. Ride exhibited in Paris this year, and as a working commercial photographer he 'did' the new brochure for the college where Nel's brother, Will, teaches.

My Leeds album is below. It is best viewed in a Picasa slideshow, which I get to from this website by clicking randomly, and furiously on the image until it fills the screen.



Grasshopper said...

My stomach turned at the very first picture. So many people!!!!!!! YIKES!!!! I think I would - literally - have a nervous breakdown if I had to deal with that many people on an ongoing basis. Every morning would be like navigating a shopping mall in December (which, as you know, we now judiciously avoid by virtue of no longer celebrating christmas). Shudder, shudder, shudder.

Thanks for the picts, Martin. Even if I feel anxiety looking at some of them, they do really capture time and place.

(And I don't have to madly click at anything to load your picts into picassa - one click directly on the photo takes me there, where I can request a slideshow...maybe a browser difference?)

MJN said...

Hi Grasshopper,

Actually I was thinking of you when I took the first picture at the ticket barrier. I was imagining how I would get you through the barriers, and came to the conclusion that we would have to wait for a lull in the human tide and then make a big rush for it.

It actually is like navigating a big mall in December every single day. The Crosstowner is a great aide here, it serves as a battering ram.

This level of overcrowding is the norm in city centres, I'm still not used to or comfortable with the sheer volume of people. And for anyone Canadian who thinks it's just like Toronto - it is'nt.

LOng term aim for me here is probably to get a farmhouse somewhere. I'm serious about this as an aim, although it is totally unrealizable right now. This would serve two purposes - get us some much needed space, and we could do a complete "green" renovation on it, an ambition which is steadily growing.

Bill Hall said...

A Farmhouse? Oh 'eck