Dont buy the Sun.

Dont buy the Sun.
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Sunday, 30 March 2008

I think I'm being stalked...

This morning, another lazy breakfast with various Large-Nickersons : Calli, Tosh, self and Boffin sat round trying to wake up. We switch the tv on as background noise, and it's them again - The Sugarbabes or Girls Aloud or whatever they are called, performing an acoustic version of one of their songs. I think I'm being stalked because this particular product are everywhere right now.

The outfits are perfect, the make-up is immaculate, the backing musicians are note perfect. There has obviously been a lot of time spent on presentation in this performance. In contrast, and stripped bare of the over produced backing track, the lyrics of the piece stand alone to be judged on their merit:

"If I could get to you
I feel it in the air
My world don't make no sense
If I'm without you in it "

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