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Dont buy the Sun.
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Saturday, 8 March 2008

A very busy day

Toshack and Calli have had a wonderful time recently, as they have had a human to annoy practically full time. A normal day starts at about 8.00am when Nel gets up for work. She'll shower, make a cup of tea then take the cats out for their first walk of the day. "First walk of the day?", the cry goes up, "For cats?". Well yes actually, our cats have become accustomed to being accompanied on their exterior excursions by a human, and they make it obvious that this is their preferred system.

During my continuing absence from work due to the broken arm, the fact that the cats have had permanent access to the wilds around our house has not changed their preferences, as I hoped it would. Despite a permanently open kitchen window through which they can hop, they limit solo excursions to the minimum, except of course when I have to go out. Due to our rental agreement, we cannot have a cat-flap, so when I leave the house, I need to make sure that the kitchen window ( the cat's doorway) is closed. I also need to make sure that the cats are back inside, safe and sound. Naturally, this is when the cats decide to go out on their own. Cat wrangling ensues, with me chasing the cats round the car-park, and the more frantic I becuome to get them in (in the cases where I have a fixed appointment), the more fun the game of chase becomes.

Cats at play

Naturally, the consequence of both 'walking' the cats regularly, and our constant games of chase have led to a certain perception in the neighbourhood that we are eccentric. Personally, I would strongly refute this charge. I prefer the term, 'individualistic'.

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