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Wednesday, 22 October 2008

... The very next day................

I can report that just like the German pocket battleships of the War, although Concretia still stands, her end is in sight. Today, after six hours mighty labour, I chipped a small 6" x 6" piece from her side. I can sense that the battle is truly commenced.

In future years I will look back on this day and cry with a mighty voice " I have slain the serpent". Having just completed some calculations though, it would appear that at my present rate of progress, this day will not be until after July 17th, 2009.

I can sense another plan coming on.......


JoeyMac said...

Sung to the tune of 'Lucretia' by megadeath. :)

Working late at night
I tiptoe through the darkness
Cold as hell black as spades
Aware of my immediate surrounding
In my place no escape
Up into my hideout
Hiding from everyone
My friends all say
Martin you're mental any way hey!
Drift into a deeper state
I stalk the cobwebbed stairways
Dirt grits beneath my feet
The stair creaks, I precariously sneak
Hypnosis guides my hand
I slipslide through the walkways
Sit in granny's rockin' chair
Memories are whirling by yeah
Reminisce in the attic
concretia waits impatiently
Cobwebs make me squint
The cobra so eloquently glints
Moonbeams surge through the sky
The crystal ball's energized
Surely that like the cat waiting
concretia rocks away

MJN said...

To the tune of MIchelle, by the Beatles:

'Cretia, my belle
You are hard and make me say F**** Hell
Oh My Belle
I hate you, I hate you, I ha-a-ate you,
And you broke my drill
Oh you b******* shell.

Please go away

JoeyMac said...

Oh. One final idea. Paint Concretia like the berlin wall, and invite tourists in to take pieces with sledge hammers. :)

MJN said...

One of the things I like about you, Mr Mac, is your eternal optimism. However, in this case, it is misplaced. It will not be the "final idea" as Concretia is still proving obstinate, despite another weekend on the Chain Gang.

THerefore I'd like to dedicate "I Fought The LAw", with the first line particularly in mind, and invite you to continue with siggestions for this episode. I suspect this year will become known as "The OPus Concretia"