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Dont buy the Sun.
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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Education is Procrastination

I would rather climb Everest without oxygen, go to a student party, watch daytme television, or become a children's entertainer that write the essay I am currently working on. The essay's title is:

With reference to published material and to your action plan from Assignment 1, evaluate and reflect on the development of your study skills during the module. Include an analysis of your learning style and an evaluation of how this might have impacted upon the development of your study skills.

and it is supposed to be 3000 words. Upon reflection it may be that this assignment title is actually a stroke of genius, because if you are actually able to write 3000 words about this, and have it make any kind of sense at all, then the University will have undoubtedly uncovered genius in it's midst.

The deadline is May, and my initial throwaway remark to RHB was that I'd "dash the thing off in a coupla days" in order to get rid of it from my schedule. That was three weeks ago, and even the pleasure of getting under the skin of Learning Styles Theory is limited because clearly that cannot be the whole essay. I still have to write something about the other stuff.

On another topic, lets talk football. Every year, sometime around August, I copy and paste "A Cautious Whiff of Optimism", one of only two posts (per year) I allow myself about football generally and Liverpool specifically. You can find "A Cautious Whiff of Optimism" here

The second post I allow myself annually usually follows around now, when I deny all responsibility for the first post as Liverpool slump to their (by now) customary fourth in the English Premiership and runners up or semi-finalists in the European Champions League. This year, however, may be different, so I am going to allow myself the luxury of deferring my withdrawal of "A Cautious Whiff of Optimism" until the end of April.

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