Dont buy the Sun.

Dont buy the Sun.
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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

I dream of Gondwanaland............

The article you can find by going to

defies criticism. I had thought that my dazzling tripoch (or is it 'tiptop'?) Civilization - Why? , Evolution -When?? and Apocalypse- How??? were sole examples of brilliant theories that had just 'come' to people, almost without thinking. And the article written by Mr Bakshi does seem to confirm that he put almost no thought whatever into his theory, which just goes to prove how great ideas like this dont really need loads of research and stuff - you mostly have to go with the first thing you think of. As I have indicated before, the trick is to get some evidence later.

However, in getting the evidence later, you do have to be very careful. Science is full of tragedy and cautionary tales, as anyone recently and deservedly elevated to Full Professorship will advise those who may not know. My advice is that you read the story about the coelocanth on either of the pages below.

Having now read the stories, I sincerely hope that readers understand this piece of Scientific advice - If you're going to fake your evidence, FOR GOODNESS SAKE DONT GET CAUGHT.

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