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Dont buy the Sun.
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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Selling Out

Quick note - YNWA has gone commercial. I might have mentioned this before, but Blogger runs this thing called Adsense, which, they say, presents tasteful, carefully tailored advertisements on your blog.

As an experiment, I have decided to try Adsense to see if their publicity - namely that adverts will be blog specific and porn free, and also not feature those annoying floaty adverts that you cannot get away from - is true. What really intrigues me is how they go about navigating blog-specifity for this particular blog, and decide from that what the demographic is. I think we all know that on the whole, those reading this probably constitute the worse set of consumers in history, and are therefore a marketeers nightmare. Seeing what adverts are appropriate for us lot should be interesting.

In order to be completely transparent, I should mention that, theoretically at least, I get paid whenever anyone clicks on the advert. It's up to you guys if you do, or do not, as the adverts are based on a similar system to the royslty payments that musicians operate under, and the amount of readers of this blog are so small that even if everyone clicks on the adverts, the money rasied in five years would probably be insufficient to buy a smallish cake, for the YNWA re-union, in the unlikely event that we ever have a re-union. If however, we do end up making a few bucks, we'll have a vote and donate the proceeds to some charity or other worthwhile cause like a bank, or politician.


MJN said...

I have just noticed the first advert - ikt is actually quite clever. Adsense must have some sort of "intelligent" search engine that trawls the blog then places appropriate ad in place.

This means my friends, tha with a little bit of deviousness, we could determine in advance what type of adverts are going to appear and how quick the search engine is to react, by writing posts with specific, pre-determined subject matter.

JoeyMac said...

My only ad is for a new high performance car. A not so subtle dig at your bicycle posts? :)

MJN said...

HEY joe,

are you getting adverts on YNWA? I thought I was, but actually, te one I thought was an advert is actually a Google public service announcement.

Grasshopper said...

For the first time, I'm seeing an ad by Google for a computer science degree program...?

Grasshopper said...

Isn't it possible that any ads end up satisfying the ol'
"Barnum Effect" (there's a sucker born every minute) and we all end up thinking that the ads speak to us in ways just as meaningful as our horoscopes?

JoeyMac said...

They are very small, but there. I checked on the google site and they claim the ads are based on a combination of the written text and the poster's learning style...

Bill Hall said...

Sunbeam Talbot. Sunbeam Talbot. Sunbeam Talbot. Sunbeam Talbot.

Let's see what they do with that.

MJN said...

I think Grasshopper probably has a point, so we should limit the adsense experience to a few weeks or so - by limiting their time, we limit the Barnhamian Exposure (BE). BE has been studied extensively by experiential scientists, and they decided, on reflection, that it was linked, as Joey Mac says, to your learning style and a phenomena called Barnhamian Sensitivity. Which as we know stands for BS.

In the meantime, I'm with Bill, so here goes:

Sunbeam Talbot. Fender Precision. Mature Cheddar Cheese. Procul Harem. Snowboard.