Dont buy the Sun.

Dont buy the Sun.
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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Urgent disappointment is recommended

Considering the way things are done in Good Old Blighty, or the US of A, for that matter, I am glad to reside in these great deomocracies. Others are'nt so lucky. For example, over at the old Bosnian Pyramid website, a spat is revealed between Mr Semir Osmanagic (discoverer of the Famous Bosnian Pyramids) and a professor Goverdarica. It seems that Prof Govadorica has annoyed Mr Osmanagic (sheet metal worker) in some way, resultung in a thoroughly objective, scientific investigation into Prof Govadorica's status. According to the Pyramid Of the Sun Website, Prof Govadorica is not an actual professor, but is in fact, a "Honorar aussenplanmassig Profesor" ( Professor to be planned for wages ). The following paragraph, in referring to the hundreds of scientists who've made more discoveries that GOVEDARICA obviousy is a referecne to your's truly, as I must be in that top hundred somewhere.

"There are several hundreds European scientists who specialize in pre-history and are regular professors who have achieved significant achievements and discoveries, much higher than Mr Govedarica has. Therefore, it is false and disturbing for the public to misinform and claim that Govedarica is the most eminent pre-historian in Europe. The Foundation's Press Agency will also ask Heidelberg's Institution and their leading experts who continuously work on many projects (where Govedarica has never participated), if they share the same opinion.

I for one am glad that the Bosnian pyramid researchers are so thorough in their research. It bodes well for the future in trying to determine whether a vaguely pyramidal structure in the middle of Bosnia where there is no other evidence at all of a supporting civilization, actually is, or is not, the largest and oldest Pyramid in Europe. I cannot wait for the results, because if this dedicated team find that the Pyramid, that they have neutrally named THE PYRAMID OF THE SUN, is actually a real life pyramid, I want to be in on the team that does the research in the surrounding territory, unearthing the supporting evidence of a 12000 year old Illyrian civilization. I have already identified, via Google Earth, some mysterious straight lines in the surrounding countryside, lines that have, AND GET THIS, been covered over by Government agencies and relabelled "ROADS". If that's not evidence of a cover up, I dont know what is.

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