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Dont buy the Sun.
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Monday, 27 July 2009

Flowers of Romance

"This.........", says Grasshopper, sitting at approximately sea-level, grid reference about 36 12' N, 29 38E, on about 13 July, 2009 at two thirty in the afternoon, ".............this......" she reiterates, "is the best peach I have ever had in my life.

On about the 17 July, 2009, approximately 1600hrs at about seven thousand feet elevation, roughly 36 32' N and again at 29 38E, Grasshopper is sitting on a rock. " this.......mmmmm.....this is the single best peach I have ever had in my entire life ".

It is unclear what we expected from Turkish vegetation - its not really something one spends a lot of time thinking about. If I'd been asked prior to my vacation I might have mumbled something about "erm vines and stuff", but in the hinterlands of Dalaman and Kas, a veritable Fruitopia exists. Not only do the shabby plastic greenhouses that spread by the acre across the river valleys provide some of the tastiest produce to pass our collective lips for a long time, but it seems like every village is self suffient in watermelon, parsley and basil (although not recommended in combination).

Flowers too, are everywhere - jasmine, clematis in the towns and villages, planted whereevr they can grow. Gardening in Turkey must be hazardous - white scorpions and green snakes among the hazards but even the smallest houses feature something, even if its just a few basil plants in old olive oil cans.

It is not just human agriculture either, hillsides scorching in the midday sun, that, by rights should be the sort of depressing monoculture of ugly, waxy evergreens favoured by English town planners are full of wildflowers.

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