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Dont buy the Sun.
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Friday, 31 July 2009

Turkish Vacation _ landscapes

Another week of cat wrangling - a week in which Calli yet again proved beyond doubt that human notions of superiority (at least in the braveness department) are ludicrous - but at least it has allowed me to continue to work on photographs from our recent vacation. THe album posted this time is called 'Landscapes - Sort of'.

Having some difficulties with downloading, so the link below will have to be clicked to obtain the album. I think.

Turkish vacation Landscapes


JoeyMac said...

wow. amazing shots. And you say those were tombs on the side of the mountain? how did they get in? I'm sure i would have remembered if you or Anna ever described the ancient Turkish 'bungee burial ceremony' to me...

MJN said...

I'm on line right now a s well. The cave tombs are Lycian, an early Meditteranean culture. The Turkish landscape is totally littered with these things.

ANd dont forget to send me your full postal address - see my e-mail RE: BIKE.