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Dont buy the Sun.
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Sunday, 20 July 2008

A million people

We just got back from Liverpool after a weekend wherein was conclusively proved that no plan survives contact with the enemy. Our plan for this weekend was to show Cristiana (Nel's old pal from UWO) Liverpool in all it's pomp as current European CITY OF CULTURE, an official title bestowed every year by the European Union on selected cities, cities notable for their culture.

Unfortunately all that was evident this weekend was crowds and crowds of people, as we chose a weekend during which the Tall SHips made their return to the city, a major international golf championship was being held, and the peak of cultural activities were in full cultural flow. Result is an estimated million extra people to the city over this weekend.

THe evidence is below:The view ahead( above). Below is the view to the right from the same position. If you open the photo fully (by clicking on it) you will see a snake of people below a big tower. That , up to this point had been our intended destination - The Tate Modern, an art gallery. The view behind us is the third picture and the one above is the view, more or less, to our left. It was not pleasant, so we abandoned our mission and retreated to the sanctuary of a nearby inn. The inn held the rest of the million people who are not represented on the photos, so we went home.

Despite this, we had a good weekend.


Grasshopper said...

Wow. Were most of these million people grey-haired or is it mostly grey-hairs who go to art museums? When I've been in crowds (none large enough to rival yours, of course), they're mostly young people (late 'teens, early 20s).

MJN said...

The great attraction was the Tall Ships, and most of these people were heading there. I had'nt noticed how many were like I soon will be. I guess its a combination of the population getting older and the Tall Ships appealing to a certain crowd?

JoeyMac said...

Last time i saw that much grey hair was at a motorcycle rally outside of totronto.. ;) Seriously, even the women had grey hair and goatees. Its a little sad when you realize youve passed from cool to cliche.

MJN said...

Hey - Grey is the new Black. Over forty is the new 21. Tall Ships and Steam Engines are the new Rock and Roll. I think Grey is Cool, and I'll think that until ......well until it all falls out, then bald will be the new cool. Unless a really good hair replacement therapy gets invented.

Bill Hall said...

Well what do you expect - it's Liverpool after all.

And from the look of them, not many have teeth either.