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Dont buy the Sun.
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Thursday, 31 July 2008

T minus two and counting

Two more days till a much needed vacation . No. better than a vacation. A road trip. :) We've spent the last year converting the motorcycle as much as possible to a two person touring machine. Wide comfy seat, triple the saddle bag space and passenger floor boards. A small windscreen (not in the pic) was the last addition to combat the extra drag. With the price of gas these days, we figured it was time to test our new beast built for two.
We are off to the South Dakota first, check out the Sturgis bike rally, then see where the road takes us. Pics to follow. :)


Grasshopper said...

Have a safe journey!!

MJN said...

Drive safe. South Dakota, eh? How long is that (in KMS) as a ride?

JoeyMac said...

2200km each way. If we can pull it off we may add a detour towards Arizona after we get there. :)