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Dont buy the Sun.
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Thursday, 3 July 2008

A quick aside ..................

I received today, in reply to a standard polite inquiry about the whereabouts of my funds due in relation to settlement of my lawsuit in Canada, the following e-mail:

Thank you for your correspondence.

Please be advised that as of June 25, 2008 I will be ceasing to practice law.

I will endeavour to respond to your correspondence prior to that date; however, if your matter is of an urgent nature, please contact my assistant, Theresa Arthur, at (xxx) 672-xxxx ext. 343.

After June 25, 2008, please contact Theresa Arthur for further information on your matter.

Yours truly,

All I will add at this stage is that I was not really surprised. We have written little on this issue over past months, but that was mainly because so much was riding on the settlement of this case financially that I did not want to write anything about the unprofessionalism and inefficiency of my former lawyer until the filthy lucre was safely in my hands, for fear of a random occurance whereby an excoriating blog entry was made public by some wild chance and screwed up any chance of ever getting paid.

Fortunately, after some days panic, I received news that the funds are safely in escrow (wherever or whatever that is) with a new lawyer, and payment is imminent. Once again though, I reserve my final entry, and the end to the tale (and it has been quite a ride) until the dosh is served up.

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