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Dont buy the Sun.
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Thursday, 1 January 2009

Evolution - When ???

"Evolution - When?" my latest, and possibly most controversial work, has been delayed by the fact, evinced within the final few weeks of my Social Anthropology Course, that in respect of the major themes I introduce in 'Civilization-Why?', no-one in anthropology gives a flying fig about my fantastic discoveries. In fact any modern anthropologist worth anything, spends a considerable amount of their time trying to avoid discovering anything, and the rest of their time writing papers about how fundamentally ethnocentric it is to actually do anything that one would assume an anthropologist does. "Going anywhere to study anyone is pointless!" they cry "You only take your Western outlook with you, thus making it impossible to achieve any degree of objectivity!! You may as well not bother!!!" As for discovering anything, that is just more Western arrogance, it appears. For many anthopologists therefore, it is much more valuable to spend a lot of time arguing about whether, when describing family groups, various relatives or friends should be described as "co-sanguines" ,"affines" , "ego" , "kin" , or "matrialineal descendent" instead of the words we historically used to employ like "brother" or "sister", "friend", "me", "cousin" of mum's family. Unfortunately, these everyday terms are however, not considered accurate enough these days, and so rather than describe two male offspring of one male and one female parent as brothers, it is necessary, in order to be completely accurate to call these two people "male co-sanguine omnilineal kin".

Fortunately I have plenty of people of the human type who I like loads. And even more fortunately , for me they have come to visit. And even more fortunately, they do not require a more complicated description than "friends". THe cast of chararcters is illustrated in the pics attached to this blog, with the difference the pictures being the additiona of CCP to one and the removal of Mazzer from same. Omitted from all these pictures are Great Meg and The Legal Eagle who also visited earlier the same day to view the progress over at Large Villas. Coats were not removed.

Also missing from shot is Calli, 'our' smaller cat. She has decided she likes humans, and has discovered they quite like her and give her treats as a result of her pretty face. If her brain was big enough to contain the concept of "preen", then she would be preening like a World Champion, but not being particularly brilliant, she only gets part of the concept of preening, so she just sits right in front of our friends staring at them. THe effect is strangely unsettling.

Anyway, happy new Year to one and all. The certainty is that if you are reading this and were not with us on New Year you were missed and remembered. Below, left to right is:

Quok, Nel, Tom, Martin, Becky, Sal, Christine, Will.

Nota bene:
Sal is from Mansfield.


Grasshopper said...

Happy New Year to you as well, Martin. Wish we could have shared the celebrations with you. We'll have to do all our holiday catching up when next we see you...

MJN said...

Thanks . And don't forget that if you feel the need for a little bit of democracy between now and whenever Canada decides to restore Parliament, we now have an additional eight rooms and a shit load of construction you could do while awaiting the return of representative government.