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Dont buy the Sun.
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Wednesday, 15 August 2007

For Sale: No really, I mean it this time...

For sale: One 17lb barn cat, plus One small 5lb Ontario barncat. 5lb cat likes to climb trees, in fact enjoys most aerial pursuits, and has tried flying. Practically non-vocal, except when confronted with closed door at 11.35pm. Given to chasing much bigger cats (especially large black Tom cats) and springs. Estimated annual upkeep $6000- $25,000.

Will accept Grasshopper's offer to house on following terms;
1. I get world's cutest Bunny
2. You get one 17lb barn cat, one 5lb barn cat, plus two free carry cases, neither of which 17lb cat will fit into.
3. I will pay £359,453.00, plus airfare, plus annual vets bills, plus royalties, intellectual copyright and any other ludicrous claims.

Am willing to better this offer to anyone who can promise more immediate closing of deal.


Grasshopper said...

Hmmmm...I'm afraid point (1) is a deal breaker. We just couldn't part with the little scamp.

MJN said...

Ok, ok ,ok - you drive a hard bargain. I'll waive condition one and increase my offer to £38,457,894.56.

The cats will be with you by Tuesday(earliest flight I could get).
The cheque is in the post.