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Dont buy the Sun.
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Thursday, 30 August 2007

Nel's (very brief) reverse Italian Diary.

It is absolutely horrible. My worst nightmare, in fact. Distressing, unnecessary and offensive. Unaesthetic, ill-judged and just so utterly wrong. Naturally. I'm talking about the return of the cardigan as a hot fashion item for men in the UK this Summer/Winter (it's pretty hard to tell what season it actually is). The fashion in full is pointy shoes, skintight jeans, a Polo shirt, or white tee-shirt and a cardigan. Fortunately, no-one is making me wear this apparel, as I am too old, but I still have to look at it.

Sorry, I meant to write that immediately after returning from Canada, Nel was home for a day, went to Italy and is due back tomorrow. The cats are desperate for her return, Calli was trapped up a tree for most of last night (again!) after apparently trying to race a pigeon to the top. Tosh has taken to sleeping on my head and the apartment looks like it looked just before I spent six hours cleaning it last week.

I visited a two (at least) thousand year old long barrow last Sunday and was enthralled, and spent a very pleasant afternoon listening to BBC Radio Four(which is like Radio One on CBC in Canada, only much better). Accused of British bashing recently, I have to say that if British politicains wanted to claim something a s"Best" then The BBC would have to be a legitimate claim. Especially the Round Britain Quiz.

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