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Dont buy the Sun.
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Friday, 10 August 2007

Renovating the Summer Away

Halifax had a rare "heat wave." 25C+ every day for two whole weeks. Normally, Carl and I would have used this opportunity to bask and play. Instead, however, we foolishly embarked on a "1-day" renovation that took many more days than that.

We were stuck working in two small, hot, sweaty bedrooms while the last of the Halifax summer blazed outside our windows.

But at least Cloaky helped make things go smoother by staying out of trouble while all of our bedroom contents were piled up in the dining room...


MJN said...

There's something missing from these renovations - Oh yes! It's usually our house where you used to end up doing this!

Good job !!

MJN said...

The picture of Cloak just confirms it - the cutest bunny in the world. I should have kidnapped her!!