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Dont buy the Sun.
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Tuesday, 14 August 2007

For sale: The Final Straw

Right, that's it:

For sale (I will pay well), to anyone. Anywhere. I will accept reverse charge phone calls from Ulan Bator.

One large 17lb Ontario barn cat. Disobedient, destructive, vocal, kind of pink-coloured with unattractive habit of walking all over computer keyboard during crucial e-mails and grooming nether regions. Interrupts crucial negotiations over sale of real estate by tearing down curtains because not getting enough attention. Will not listen to commands.

Has enormous appetite, tendency towards diahorrea and spoilt by female co-owner, but nothing that good spell in the Army would'nt correct. Attacks his very cute little sister, balding male heads, and puts paw up nose of humans at 6.00am. Bites elbows.

Free Cat carrier provided.


Grasshopper said...

I'll take him! Sounds like he and Cloak would get along marvellously. Just *think* of all the trouble they could get into!!

MJN said...

See additional offer