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Dont buy the Sun.
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Tuesday, 6 May 2008

April (snow) showers .............

I'm still in catch up mode as far as updating my entries goes and as far as answering the Great Question 'Civilization-Why?' . There are a few reasons for this as follows:

1. The Great Airstream Trailer Debacle (ATD) has quickly been followed by the Burgeoning Gatorade Trailer Disaster (BGTD)resulting in MORE unpaid weekends, more tiredness and therefore less time to write.

2. The untimely exit, from the European Cup, in a tense Semi-Final, of The Most Successful Club in The History Of English Football (TMSCITHOEF)last week has left me emotionally drained, bereft of the creative urge, and disconsolate. That the title may yet go to our greatest rivals, Manchester United (AKA The Team Who's Name Dare NOt Be Spoke {at least in my house}) makes this senseless turn of events even more tragic. Let's just say recovery is a process, not an event. And certainly NOT an event in Moscow.

3. Our domestic affairs, particularly our Canadian related domestic affairs, seem to be at the closest to resolution for a long time: I cannot speak about the lawsuit which may or may not have borne completely co-incidental similarities to the entirely fictional events described in the blog entries " The Adventures of Mazzer and Little Bunny Foo Foo" et seq., but if I were to speak about this lawsuit, I might be inclined to say that the bastards we are sueing have finally been made to see sense due to the immediacy of court dates, and not wanting to look like the unscrupulous, vindictive, in-bred family of gutter rats that they undoubtedly are, they have made a semi-realistic offer. Of course, I would'nt say that, even if I thought it was true. Which, clearly, I do'nt.

4. The house that we have been buying since, oh, I do'nt know, 1967 or thereabouts, is finally subject to a repossession order. This means the tenants, who have now enjoyed the luxury of rent-free accomodation for six months or so, have now until the 29th of this month to vacate. Or else. Actually, the 'or else' is that the current landlords will have to apply to obtain another court order this time for permission to use bailiffs to evict the tenants, which may take a further month. In light of this imminent possession of the property, we've take the entirely considered line that we're going to jeopardise the whole deal by attempting to re-negotiate the price that we agreed upon six months ago, on the basis that there is another house two doors down (that costs £30,000 more) that we also quite like. It is a high risk strategy - we could loose out on either house, but in the current financial climate if we succeed it will be worth it.

5. I'm costantly vacillating as to the timing of issuing my resignation form work, now that I've been (conditionally) accepted as the oldest member of the Debating Society at Hull University. Dislike of my employers makes me want to write my notice out today, but the Principals of Enlightened Self Interest demand that I reserve drafting my notice until I can write it without feeling compelled to include the word "despicable", as I may have to refer to them for summer work in the future.

In light of the above, I thought I'd post a few pictures of the first proper snowfall of the year, which was exactly a month ago. This snowfall was a beautiful thing to behold, brief though it was, but climate events in Hull of any description that cannot be described by the words "Cloudy, overcast, light rain" are to be celebrated.

April snow 08

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