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Thursday, 15 May 2008

Free electives

As a successful applicant to Hull University's Educational Studies (with Urban Learning) Department, the time is fast approaching when I have to make some choices. DO I live at home, or move into Halls of Residence? Is there a numerical limit on the number of Clubs, and Societies I can join? Indeed, as a massive fan of all things Canadian, is there a Frat House I should be applying to? What do I wear, Hilfiger or Nike?

Regrettably, there are also the mundane questions of academic achievement to consider, and one of the choices I have to make before September is to choose a Free Elective. At Hull, many degrees feature Free Electives, a 20 credit course taken each academic year, which is designed to broaden the scope of the ingenue. Having had a 23 year long Gap Year, I feel my scope is quite broad already, besides which, I have already resolved to take two additional course outside University, courses which are directly targeted at my career goal. These courses, which I will be taking at night are further qualifications in Adult Education, and will qualify me, hopefully within the first year, to be able to start teaching basic skills at night school.

However, the Free Elective still looms. It is not so free that I can opt NOT to do one, so while waiting the (delayed) 18.38 tonight, I reluctantly flicked through the pages which detailed the course on offer.The History department offers "From Bannockburn to Stalingrad: The Anatomy of MIlitary Disaster" and this appealed to my English side - failure, heroism and a good laugh at foreigners; Physics promised "Laser Applications: Surface and Thin Film Technology" which appears cutting edge but stuck me as very dull,Sociology, of course, did not disappoint with "Learning to Care, a Move to Inclusion" and the Psychology Department advertise "Introduction to Psychology" but I reject that on the grounds that the Red Haired Boffin teaches it, and I could'nt stand being marked down for not doing the dishes last Wednesday. I'm discouraged at the thought of spending extra time in school doing a course that does not relate to my ambition, when I spot the offering from the Department of Biological Sciences.

The pre-requisites for the course which will surely be the most oversubscribed course on campus are:

A Level in Biology ....................Check
Good health.............................Check (not counting broken appendages)
Suitable for those who anticipate the need for these skills in a future career...Check(ish)

I compose and send my e-mail as soon as I get home. The world of academia is surely about expanding one's boundaries, and delivering complex arguments. If I can deliver an argument complex enough to justify how "Dive Training (Level 4)" can reconcile with Educational Studies (with Urban Learning),and have any possible relevance to my future career, I'll consider the degree a done thing.

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Grasshopper said...

Ha ha ha ha! That's very cool. You'll love diving! Of course, if your open water dives are in cold water...well, just remember that once you get into warm water, *everything* changes!