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Dont buy the Sun.
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Saturday, 31 May 2008

A quck rant....

If there's one thing worse than the daily commute, it's the commuters. And if there's one thing worse than the commute, Transpennine Express, other commuters, cardigans (and their nightmarish revival as a fashion item in the UK) and the coffee at Hull station it is surely amateur travellers - weekend wanderers.

Unused to the etiquette of the daily commute, they just do'nt travel 'properly'. They do'nt know where to sit, get on trains too slowly, take up valuable room better suited to bicycles, and worse of all, engage in travelling as if it is great big fun adventure, something to be enjoyed. I will write to Transpennine, proposing the idea of 'Business class' on our trains where we can all be miserable together.

More on this, perhaps later, but for now, I'm off on recon. I've relocated Eyrie One, new code name Fox Den. I have also, taking Joey Mac's advice, consulted the cats on their theories and capability for surveillance. The response coud be summed up as "Do it yourself, I'm sleeping".


JoeyMac said...

but do you understand the genius simplicity in that response? :)

MJN said...

I do indeed. And it is also a lesson, often taught by cats, but seldom understood by humans, in not wasting valuable energy by doing anything that does not give immediate gratification.