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Dont buy the Sun.
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Sunday, 11 May 2008

Fortune favours the Brave

I was quite prepared to broadcast to all and sundry that it was Nel's fault that our putative purchase of a ramshackle manor in Hull had collapsed leaving us, and cats, doomed to continue our existence in Francis' only slghtly less ramshackle apartment buildings. However, I would not exist on Facebook with a total of 3,454,456 intimate friends if I were not a man of honour, so, mindful of my reputation for honourably admitting when I have been mistaken, I have to report that Nel's audacious, but in my opinion late, bid to shave money from the house in Ella Street has been a resounding success, and that she survived an encounter with the odious seller's agent.

So, without qualification, I should say "Well done Nel."

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Grasshopper said...

Wow! I can't believe that worked! It always seemed to me that laws were written to suit the richest person involved. Thus, it would seem perfectly reasonable for a house you have put an offer on to continue to be inhabited by others for 6 months and that you should be forced to take the loss (in forms of any legal battles, rent on your own place for 6 months etc). All the while, your written offer would be as though carved in stone. Well done, indeed, Nel!! It pays to be feisty!!