Dont buy the Sun.

Dont buy the Sun.
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Monday, 23 June 2008

In the interests of clarity....

I re-read last night's blog, and feel I should clarify something. I have frequently given reference to the question we are most frequently asked, which can be summed up as "Why did you move back to England from Canada?". In truth, the first few months were difficult, but even then, the reality, is that, despite the continual question, we both knew, and know, why we moved back. In fact now, 18 months after returning here, we are having a ball.

I say this with as little soppiness as I can muster, but while I think that Canada undoubtedly offers a better quality of life for the majority of it's population than the UK, and is consequently a much happier place to live for relatively more of its people than the UK, Nel and I are priviliged to be both relatively secure and, more importantly, completely barking mad. The security means that it does'nt really matter where we live and the barking madness means that we are adaptable enough to take our cats for walks wherever we happen to be geographically. The result is that we meet good people, and consequently enjoy life wherever we are. By applying a 'life philosophy' of "If it ain't broke, then change it" ensures a variability of life that has helped keep us interested.

Additionally, since we have been in England, it has been great to meet up with old friends again, as well as meet some new ones, especially the Humberside Police with whom we now have a special relationship. I write this because I re-read my last sentence of previous entry and realized I sounded a bit anti-UK. I apologize unreservedly to the UK for this. I except from this apology the following people:

1. Alex Ferguson - Manager of Manchester United Football Club.
2. The person that knocked me off my bike.
3. The preious tenants of Large Villas.
4. The staff of Jobcentre Plus.
5. Newspaper editors.

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