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Dont buy the Sun.
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Saturday, 21 June 2008

Klingons on the Starboard Bow

Well, Friday came and went, and the Global Economy did not collapse, so on Friday evening Red and I went to our new pile. No additional damage has been done by the tenants so we brace ourselves for Saturdays's labours. As described in our Project Plan

Saturday's work involved removing all the detritus left by various tenants and the previous owner, the odious Mr Gold. We knew coming into this project that it would be tough, but today's work has to rank among the most difficult first day's start to a project I have had. Friday's visit highlight's the nature of the project, so Red HB stays at home base, drawing up accurate plans, while I set to clearing out the first few rooms. Mouse droppings everywhere, dirty mattresses and bedding, old clothes, several dead mice. It is disgusting, and I write this as one who recently cleared out an Airstream trailer, and has had previous experience, in Ontario, cleaning up houses after drug addicts have overdosed.

An album will be published but for today one photo sums up the visual experience, although not the olfactory one. The room pictured is as slept in by the previous occupants. The mixture of aromas is "interesting". By the end of the day, though, we have magnificently cleared out the following:

6 mattresses and beds
5 large wardrobes
3 couches
2 fridges
4 televisions
10 bags of assorted clothes and unidentifiable stuff
torn up and removed all the carpet in the place (apart from one room)
bleached and swept the place
begun partial demolition of one wall

One incident occurred during the day which was surprising. I was dragging the third great big wardrobe down the stairs, when the front door opens and a youth enters. I look at him, and ask what he wants. He says calmly "Any mail?".

I reply in the negative and he walks out. It occurs to me immediately that he is one of the previous tenants. I had noticed a lack of mail when I entered the house that morning, and I now realize that the tenants are still visiting regularly, and letting themselves in with keys. Fitting new locks asap goes to the top of the task list.

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