Dont buy the Sun.

Dont buy the Sun.
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Friday, 13 June 2008

Photos from Madrid

THe whole point of going to Madrid was to support Dave as he had been awarded a place among the finalists for Documentary Photography in Europe. I saw the exhibition, and ironicaly was'nt allowed to take pictures but the standard was very high, with some great work. I was reluctant to get my camera out in the company of professionals, so most of the images are taken during my solo wanderings, but there are some shots of the morning after the night before, which was, in reality, about four hours after we got in from our night out.

Five in the morning found me and Dave wandering out of the city of Madrid, south on Toledo Drive, happy and completely lost.The map would just not turn the right way, no matter how many times we referenced ourselves, very carefully against street signs. The local police found us, and upon enquiring where we were going, advised us to execute a 'volte face' and head back into town. We acted on their advice, headed back towards town and were immediately lost. Eventually we got a taxi. As we were both kicked out of our respective hotels at 10.00am, not much sleep was had, by anyone. I do remember being in a Flamenco bar full of impassioned Madridians, with only us three Scousecateers, two brave Dutch photographers and a 'photographer groupie' who we just could'nt shake off, and remember telling some beautiful Spanish girls that I could do Latin dancing, but fortunately, I do not know if I actually gave an exhibition of this unpractised skill or not. Dave says I did.


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